Miss Simran

Having attended one of the most competitive grammar schools and completed a degree in English Literature from Royal Holloway University, Miss Simran has the knowledge to deliver unparalleled learning of the English Language and Literature curriculum.

Her vivacious and thought provoking approach to learning aims to harness the full potential of her student and progress them towards achieving their goals and targets. Miss Simran’s approach to teaching is goal orientated, with the aim to producing a high standard of excellent academic achievers.

Having tutored privately for a number of years, both domestically and internationally, she has the experience to instantly identify the needs of her pupils and tailor the lessons to combatting any weaknesses within the area of English. During her time as a tutor, she has privately tutored over 50 clients and also has a significant number of full time home-schooled tutees. This requires a huge responsibility and having sole ownership of the studies of GCSE English literature and Language for her students. Her scope of experience and knowledge makes her an asset to the team and she is able to make lessons engaging and enjoyable for the students of Best Tutor.

Her complex understanding of the demands and requirements of the new GCSE curriculum allow her to nurture and develop the students into self-autonomous academic learners, at the same providing insightful understanding of how to achieve the top marks in their exams. Her close relationship with the examination bodies puts her in the best position to relay information as to the expectations for the higher achieving candidates and how to transform a candidate from a C grade student to an A grade student. She does not believe in having mediocre goals, but is driven to push all her students to aim for those top tier grading bands. This is most effectively done by addressing writing and examination techniques, confidence in formulating ideas and then translating these ideas into captivating writing.