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Why Us?

Why us ?

  • Qualified and experienced teachers
  • Lesson tailored to students needs
  • Homework help
  • Course work preparation
  • Understanding exam techniques
  • Practice exam papers
  • Catch up when students have fallen behind
  • Active learning
  • Lessons aligned to school and national curriculum
  • Improve student’s confidence
  • Provide dynamic atmosphere
  • Recognise student’s potential and develop their abilities
  • We capture student’s interest in given subject
  • Work closely with student/ parents for feedback
  • Develop student’s subject knowledge and skills
  • Recommend area of further improvement
  • Track progress

Expert tuition by experienced qualified teachers’

Teaching Method: we usually teach in small groups of similar ability and can also provide one to one lesson if necessary. We offer free assessment to check child’s level. Please click on the link to book your child for free assessment.

About us

I am a qualified maths teacher , working in a state secondary school from last 8 years. My Qualification and experience will help your children to achieve good grades in the examination. Read More...


How long are the lessons?
Lessons are usually one hour. Most students come one hour a week, once a week. If however students request longer periods that can be arranged, either by longer lessons or more frequent lessons. If students are doing more than one subject we can arrange both of the lessons on the same day or allocate different days for different subjects.
Read More....

Why US

Before making a start with any Tutor, ask what is their Qualification and experience.
  • Are they Teaching in a school?
  • Did they train to become teacher or just tutoring?
Now you have to Decide
Trained Qualified Experienced Teacher
Untrained / Unqualified / Unexperienced Teacher
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