Why us

With the recent changes to curriculum, you need to choose tutor who are well aware about curriculum and trained to teach it. Our tutors are Qualified Teachers, working in secondary school with over 10 years of experience. They have been to a number of training sessions and are well aware of the examination requirements and techniques.  We make sure students are aware about how to gain good marks in exams. We practice lots of exams questions to ensure that kids are aware about it and can perform well. That’s the reason kids usually move up sets in class after starting tuition with us. We stretch students to the best of their ability with homework and class work and ensure that they continue to make progress. We work closely with parent and carer and keep them updated regarding the progress.

We do an assessment before starting tuition to find strengths and weaknesses in the student’s learning. We make sure that kids understand the concepts, practise exam questions and check their progress they have made. We do regular assessments to ensure that kids are on right track.

We have helped many students to achieve their academic dreams. We have a great success record of GCSE, A Level and SATs examination.

CV: After their academic achievements, students must be ready for the working world. We help students create a CV, cover letters and apply for jobs. Whether it be a temporary summer job after GCSEs or career based role, we go through the job advert both the job specification and the personal specification to help the student understand what is required. We understand that the working world can be daunting so we do all that we can to facilitate the process.


History: We cover a range of topics from all historical periods which is both informative and engaging. At GCSE, A Level and university, the topics becomes more specific and more critical to prepare students for writing exam style essays.

Religious Education (RE/RS): Despite the subject title being different names in different schools, the content is the same. We also cover philosophy, ethics and critical thinking. We have taught students previously to prepare them for early entry which they went onto pass. We cover topics such as: the belief in God, global issues, practises, relationships and lifestyle.

Business: We help with business coursework, suggesting ideas for research and proofread drafts as well as exams. Topics include: aims and organisations, entrepreneur, setting up a business, the 4Ps, marketing, finance, people, products and services.

Media: We understand that there have been changes to the course and strive to ensure students aren’t overwhelmed with various aspects of the course such as: television, magazines, advertising, radio, books, newspapers, films, music, video games, genre, representation and audience. We analyse and look examples of each and what makes them successful.

  • Tuition by qualified school teacher
  • Tailored approach for each individual
  • Assessment before starting tuition
  • Book your free assessment
  • Practice / revision of Exam questions

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