Year 10 student: I have learnt a lot about English. I come to tuition because I learn things that will influence my life.

Year 10: I attend English and maths classes. I come because I want to learn new things and I get help on things that I struggle with.

Year 9: since I’ve started coming to tuition, my spelling has really improved. I have moved up a set in English

Year 9: I learnt a lot in English. I moved up a set this academic year.

Year 4: My punctuation and grammar has gotten better.

Year 5: Miss Gill helps me do my school homework.

Year 10: I hate English at school but I love it at the tuition centre



Year 9: I learn a lot in Maths especially topics that I’m struggling with. We do a lot of class work which makes the homework easier.

Year 9: When I first joined the tuition centre, I was in set 7 and now I’m in set 3.

Year 4: I learnt a lot about dividing and multiplying

Year 5: I understand fractions better now

Year 11: I am confident with the concepts I learnt at tuition and is ahead in my class.