I highly recommend him as he has helped me with a my poor maths and has made huge improvements in my class work because of Mr dhir, the teachers at school have noticed this improvement and has made maths feel alot easier than it was before.

Bob Smitg

This is a really good tuition and it’s improving my grades a lot. I have achieved really good grades because of joking this tuition. I highly recommend this tuition to anyone who is struggling to achieve the grades that they need.

Elissa Izadi

No doubt i i’ve got the best maths tutor ever! as i ws so poor in basics even had no interest in studying mathematics, he taught me the interest in more easy way cleared out all my doubts in so simple way that i started loving studying maths! its become my favourite subject now! thanku so much for teaching me so valuable subject in such a clear and easy way!

Monica budhwar

This tuition is no doubt one of the best maths tuitions in the entire city of London. In just one lesson you’ll be able to cover many topics and you have the chance to implement all of the new knowledge in the homework you receive. For exam preparation there is a very helpful and easy timetable; i.e, you come in, you do a practice paper and any questions you do not get you refer to any work sheets you’ll get to help jog your memory. The end result is beyond well as many others like me have moved up entire sets and now know how to answer the hardest of questions.

Aliza Nauroze

This tuition has helped me achieve my grades due to hard work and practice.Not only am I exceeding but also gaining the concept of harder topics which require a lot of practice.The price is reasonable which allows it to be accessible to everyone.

Sonali Ramsurrun

It is a really good tutoring place. I have been coming here since I was little and my brother comes as well. Mr Dhir explains things really well and if I don’t understand at school I will definitely understand here.

Barbara Herft

My daughter got her confidence back after starting maths lessons with Mr. Dhir. She finds her lessons in school is easy and hoping to achieve good results in GCSE. I strongly recommend getting lessons from Mr. Dhir, if you need support in Maths.

Binoy Joseph

Very pleased with my children’s progress, they have improved in maths greatly!
Mr Dhir is a fantastic tutor and I would recommend him highly.

Nilofar Ansari

This tuition really helped me to improve my grades by helping me on certain topics that I find difficult and helping me on answering past paper question.I am predicted a level 7 in maths due to the amount of past paper questions that I was given and I was also helped on the topics.

aparna rajagopalan

My two children in high school were struggling with mathematics and I sought Mr Dhir’s support. Under his guidance both have flourished and have shown remarkable improvement in Maths. I am very grateful to Mr Dhir for his help in improving my children’s grades in mathematics.

Eruma Naurozes